Prepare the Ground for Your Construction Project

Prepare the Ground for Your Construction Project

Before your build, schedule bush hogging services in Glenrock & Douglas, WY

Having some brush on your property can boost its livability, but not when it's overgrown or blocking your bulldozer. If you're planning to build a new driveway, house or business facility, make room with brush removal services from Joe Dirt & Gravel LLC of Glenrock, WY. Our highly trained team will mow down weeds and other brush so you can start building on a clean slate.

Please note that we only work on lots up to five acres in size, and our rate is $75 per hour.

Get a free estimate on brush removal services by contacting us today.

What can bush hogging do for your property?

Hiring a professional for bush hogging services is a smart choice because doing so can:

  • Remove fire and tripping hazards from your lawn
  • Promote healthy plant growth in the area
  • Create a flatter surface for building
  • Reduce pest populations
  • Prevent soil erosion

Unlike more invasive methods which agitate the ground and rip out tree roots, bush hogging can eliminate heavy brush while protecting the surface of your land.

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